Thursday, 6 March 2014

January and February Book Reviews

An apology for those crazy few who may look forward to these reviews - due to illness I haven't managed to read as much as I would normally this year - hopefully this will get better, just means I have a larger pile of books to get through than normal!

An easy festive read for the holidays follows the local, lovable police man Hamish Macbeth on his wanderings through Lockdubh and the Highlands beyond.

With characters from the village to provide some light hearted amusement and a sense of community that warms the soul... why not give it a go?

A series of books I have meant to read for a while and finally got round to!

The Diamond of Drury Lane invites you into theatreland following our heroine Catherine Royal, an orphan taken in my the owner of Drury Lane Theatre. Cat, a street wise urchin, knows how to play the gangs of Covent Garden and the surrounding area but when the new boy Pedro arrives at the theatre she is unsure she can trust him. And then there's the diamond... can she help Mr Sheridan protect from Billy Boil and his evil gang?

An easy, historical page turner suitable for 7 years+

A silly stocking filler present which has had me in stitches - who knew what went on in a dog's mind - now thanks to October Jones we can all find out!

Have been plugging away at this story for a while after hearing about the film last year. Monuments Men shines a light on the men of the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Division of the Allied Forces serving in World War II.

Very well written and easy to follow, Edsel takes us through the key players on both sides and re-counts the brave and courageous experiences of this small band of devoted men who saved some of the greatest pieces of art in history.