Friday, 30 October 2015

Hello my old friend!

So I'm quite aware I have been rubbish... And this is my first post in over a year but a lot has been going on! For one thing I am FINALLY chartered... Only took me 3 years (not too shabby if you ask me!) and am already Getting the emails about revalidation (Grrr).

I got engaged... So that's a fun rollercoaster ride... 5 months in and we've only just picked a venue! But in all seriousness I am very lucky to have found a person that I can call my partner in life and love and I cannot wait to work out this mysterious thing called life with him by my side.

The libraries are all running well... As well as can be expected. Another successful summer reading challenge, my adult readers group is still growing after 3 years, a children's group has just been started and half term events were well attended.

So now I'm chartered what am I going to use his blog for?

Well I'm glad you asked... As much a personal as a professional blog as ever I will endeavour to carry on posting book reviews, my professional experiences as libraries go into a whole different level of review, advocacy as to the many advantages and services we provide (although I am aware I am preaching to the converted!) and my experiences with NaNoWriMo....

Those that have followed posts in the past will know I dabble with writing but this may be the kick I need to step it up a gear and make it productive! I love running writing workshops during the holidays at work and am in equal measure amazed and astounded by the imaginations of the children in my community.... How hard can it be right?!

So this is my new promise to the sorry few who find nothing better to do than read my will follow my somewhat sporadic updates on life, work and writing. I in turn will try to amuse and inform in equal measure....