Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bring on 2012!

I thought 2011 was a difficult year and was happy to get out the other side of it but 2012 is proving to be just as challenging - it's only 12 days in and I'm already exhausted!

2012 is going to be an exciting year in Wiltshire Libraries, full of events and celebrations – Love Libraries Week, Dickens Day, World Book Night, Olympic celebrations as the Torch comes through Wiltshire, celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012 Summer Reading Challenge (the story lab)... and that's just the things I know about, who knows what else might come up!

On a more personal note I am also working towards my CILIP Chartership, being given opportunities to run staff training, working at the next level with the County Stock Team and being given more responsibility on a local level. I am continually surprised by the daily challenges of my job, and think this is one reason why I enjoy my job so much. Every day is different providing opportunities to learn and gain confidence in my own development and career path.

I’ll have been working in my current position for 2 years come March and I remember texting my family on the first day saying “I love my new job!”... I have been lucky to hold onto my position through restructuring and had the chance to build on my skills learning from my mistakes and with the support of library staff and line managers.

I find myself in a unique position in the fact that I could still send that very same message today and believe it, I hope it’s still true January 2013! 

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