Sunday, 10 February 2013

An Overdue Apology

So I started my CPD23 journey back in November 2011 (OMG) and it's fair to say that I've had quite a languid approach doing bits and pieces here and there but I am determined to finish it by the end of this month (it's in print now... I have to do it!)

One of the issues (apart from my hideous lack of commitment and laziness) is getting to grips with these applications with a laptop that belongs in the 80s. It unfortunately has given up the ghost and the secure network at work does not let me download programmes and applications so it has made it difficult to explore these tools. 

With this in mind I'm going to skip on over to thing 20 and explore the library routes project and hopefully come February 28th I'll be able to reflect on what I believe is a truly great programme of CPD . Thanks to all involved in the CPD23 project and may I take this moment to recommend working through the programme to any who haven't embarked yet.

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