Monday, 5 August 2013

July Book Reviews

A bit heavy on the teen fiction this month but our Peters order cam in so you can't blame me! 

A beautiful, emotional and thought provoking offering from John Green and David Levithan. 

Two boys called Will Grayson with polar opposite lives meet one night in a Chicago  porn shop called Frenchy's. How they got there and where they go next I'm not going to tell you but suffice it to say it's worth the 309 pages. Not only are the to Will Grayson's totally captivating in themselves by secondary characters including Tiny Cooper, Jane, Issac and the Wills' parents provide a world worth exploring.

An interesting concept. Ethan was abducted 9 years ago outside his house. He spent 7 years with a new family before they left him, a year on a home and a year on the streets before being reunited with his family. 

Coming home isn't easy though -Ethan has to cope with 9 years of memories that don't include him, a whole town who thought he was dead and a sister he never knew. Compelling reading  with a jaw dropping twist - here's hoping for a sequel!

Jarratt's eagerly awaited follow up to the wonder that was Skin Deep last year...

Holly had to move away from everyone she knew, to protect them, the only people that really know her are her mum and dad and younger sister Katie. What she witnessed will stay with her forever, it disrupted her life in every possible way and now she has to live with the consequences... new town, new school, new life but you can never really leave it all behind.

Beautifully written and easy to read... I just wish Laura Jarratt wrote her stories quicker!

The cover of this book has been drawing me in at work for months and I've finally had a chance to get past the cover. Unfortunately I can't say it was worth the wait... what I found was a disturbing, disjointed story around a house haunted by memories, ghosts and voices from Conrad's past.

After Conrad's dad dies suddenly he comes into money and decides it is the right time to move away from the stress of LA to this quiet house in a Winsconsin cul-de-sac. He also hopes the move will save his marriage.. but moving cannot help him shake his demons... his failing relationship and his doubts of past loves. When Jo leaves on business Conrad is left to fend for himslef, find his place in the house, in this town but there are other plans larger than his, darker powers at work which will not let him be.

Can a chance encounter change your life? Allyson was a quiet, cautious girl, just graduated from high school.. but when she meets the Dutch Shakespearian actor Wilhelm she decides to throw caution to the wind and leaves her friends to spend a magical day in Paris with the Dutchman. 

Adventure and mystery ensue but a day is never enough. Whilst Allyson is back in America and starting College her mind is elsewhere and she can't settle until she finds him again. Is it romance, is it curiosity I can't quite tell. Forman's main character is a bundle of emotions and uncertainty but how else do you find out who you are if you don't take a chance? Looking forward to the sequel in October, Just One Year.

An easy read set in a rural welsh village. Coralie has moved from the city to escape her past, whilst Gethin is back from New York to face his history and say good bye to Pemorfa. Village life engulfs them both, the good and the bad, activism, gossip and history brings them together as they realise what they mean to each other.

Well written and not as predictable as many in the chick lit genre. Stovell kept me reading with characters full of love and happiness.

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