Friday, 4 October 2013

September Book Reviews

Following the fashion of gossip from below stairs Baker serves up a fresh perspective of the nation's favourite Austen created family. And as expected there's as much drama below stairs as above. The introduction of James the footman causes a stir in the comfortable household and forces Sarah to re-think her position in life and society. But much goes on that is not necessarily seen.

All the favourite characters appear Wickham, Lizzie and the insatiable Mrs Bennett but there are fresh secrets revealed in Baker's portrayal. Should Mary have married Mr Collins? Was the Hill's marriage all it seemed? Beautifully written and a good excuse to return to a world as well known as my own.

The sequel to Legend. Day and June are on the run but exactly who is the enemy? After the death of the elector it's hard to tell. One thing's for sure at least Day and June can rely on each other can't they??

Lu brings back brave and ruthless character s throwing them together and ramping up the pressure... the truth will out! An easy read for those who enjoy the dystopian genre of teen fiction.

This was recommended by a friend and reminds me a lot of Dan Brown with a bit more respect for the audience. The Sancti are clouded in mystery and never leave the security of the Citadel that is until Brother Samuel makes a rather public plea for help. The Sancti are not all they seem, they have a secret that must remain exactly that no matter who gets in their way.

A racing thriller that will have you gripped from the start with the next two instalments already published... it's going to be a good winter thanks to Mr Toyne!

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